Monday Morning Fuel: Boulevards - Got to Go


This ear worm can't be stopped, and I don't want it to. I'm strangely okay with the chorus to this track being stuck in my head for the rest of my natural life. When something reminds me of The Gap Band, that's a good thing. Boulevards' "Got To Go" ticks off all the right aspects for a chunky piece of electro-funk. I've never heard a song that makes breaking it off with someone sound like such infectious FUN. In between a rapid-fire guitar shuffle, a slap bass line that oppresses with manic delight, and a runtime that just breezes by through the verses and a perfect breakdown of a bridge, there's nothing to stop you from just putting this song on repeat forever. That and the rest of Boulevards' music. 

Monday Morning Fuel: NVDES - Don't Fvck Your Neighbor

Where to start with this obscure gem. The detuning slide guitar and whispery feminine growl set it up perfectly. Is this the song of a woman scorned? Or a woman delivering the scorning? Who cares! It rocks! The dissonant harmonies that are like pop through a fun-house mirror and the drunken wail of the guitar instantly transport you to a hookup gone off the rails. It's short, but it's not sweet. It's magnificently sour.