Scarred Earth: My Coming Tumblr Novel

Very soon I will begin a journey that has been a long time in the making. Over the last two sessions of NaNoWriMo, I churned out two clumps of 50,000 words telling the tale of an alien invasion in a near-future earth. Sure, that's ben done plenty of times before by dozens of hack writers. My unique spin on it was to tell the story of this invasion from as many perspectives as possible. Mimicking the free-wheleling approach of novels like World War Z, I wanted to tell the big story through dozens of little stories. I wrote my chapters to be stand-alone fragments, most of them flash-fiction length. Some were not even in narrative form. Among the stories were transcripts, emails, forums, text message conversations, and government reports. 

I was proud of what I created, but it was obvious to me that such a novel would be impossible to work through traditional channels. That's true for most of my writing, but especially true of this thing. How would I even write a synopsis? How could I summarize the hundreds of characters that appear and disappear throughout its pages? Given these depressing and liberating insights about the difficulty of selling my own work, I decided to do something different. I won't be querying, publishing, or self-publishing this novel in any conventional way. Instead, in a flight of absolute lunacy, I'll be sending it out to the world via tumblr.

You can find the page for the novel that will be Scarred Earth here. Eventually, I will probably post it on this page as well, but for now, that is where the chapters will drop on a more-or-less weekly basis. I encourage you all to stay tuned and enjoy the ride. I have a feeling this will be very special or a catastrophic mistake. Either way, it should be fun to watch unfold. The first should chapter should drop on Sunday, January 4th, 2014, a day that may very well mark the beginning of the end of my sanity and career as an indie author.