X-Men Second Coming (Books Are My Favorite Movies)

X-Men: Second ComingX-Men: Second Coming by Matt Fraction
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I've always been a fan of x-books, but I haven't made a serious attempt to read them (or most comic books) since high school. Image Comics changed those habits, but also got me wondering what was up with all my old favorites, so I looked into the Marvel Now books and then this. They have been up to quite a lot, it seems! I only vaguely knew the lore leading up to this, and the prologue caught me up well enough even if there were scads of characters I had absolutely zero knowledge of. That said, this book captures a substantial crossover event that "kills" off a significant number of beloved X-book characters and features a blood-soaked tale full of conflict, drama, and real enemies that made the whole saga fairly gripping. Fraction shows that he can continue to breathe life and depth to these characters, giving the action weight and the characters' struggles and deaths meaning while putting a great bastard of a big bad, Bastion, in play in a way that makes the situation seem truly hopeless at several points.

Oh, and the art's good, too.

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X-Men: Second Coming
By Christopher Yost, Craig Kyle, Mike Carey, Matt Fraction, Zeb Wells