Target Acquired: English October Beer

As with most of my hobbies, once I get back to them I get BACK to them. Having already tackled one beer a week ago, I'm thirsty for more! Well, not thirsty since it'll be over a month since I taste any of it but you get the picture. My next attempt will be a classic english ale using prime October ingredients:  

It’s the stuff of legend, the muse of poets, the nectar of the gentry. Strong beer, brilliant as topaz, sweet as dew, and dripping with the perfume of hops, was for centuries a revered icon of English culture. In typical language-loving English style, these beers had nicknames such as angel’s food, clamber-skull, huffcap, dragon’s milk, and many others.

Radical Brewing (below) calls the basic recipe Dragon's Milk, but also has a more complicated one. I'm sticking with the basics this time around. It's been a minute since I've done an all-grain, but I'm feeling up to the challenge, particularly now that my "Gourder" Porter (pumpkin and acorn squash porter) is in fermentation. I'm debating whether to tweak the recipe with anything different or leave it old and country style. The more beer I consume, the more I'm drawn to simplicity. Maybe deep down, I just like the taste of grains. Or, I could be a flock of parakeets in a man-suit. I'll never know for sure.